What are the best ways to buy used cars in Perth?

Are you looking at Perth used cars with the intention of getting a good deal to upgrade your current vehicle?

You might be thinking, how can I find the best choice in used cars for sale near me.


There are various ways that you can find your dream car within your budget. These include car wholesalers, online car sites, auctions or buying direct to a private owner.

There are many potential risks to buying a second-hand car, but these can be minimised by taking a few careful steps.

Depreciation is your Friend

The quality second-hand car hunter should always be grateful to the people who insist on buying a new car.

They will usually upgrade to a new vehicle every three years or so and during that period their car will have depreciated significantly in value.

They pay dearly for the privilege of driving a new car and making regular upgrades.

Although the condition of a few years old car will likely still be perfectly fine, they will usually be selling it off at a bargain price.

If driving a new model car is not that important to you, and you would prefer to make some deep savings, good quality used car is a tempting option due to the depreciation factor.

If you are looking to buy used cars in Perth, you should consider that depreciation is at its highest level during the first few years after a new car is purchased.

You can often get great savings of up to 40% on a three-year-old motor with standard mileage on the clock, compared to buying a new model.

For something a couple of years older, you could expect to pay around 40% of the new price.

The obvious issue with buying a used vehicle is that you are taking a risk.

A brand new car will have a manufacturer’s warranty, whereas a second-hand car bought from an auction or private sale involves taking a chance that you are not buying a piece of junk.

This risk can be lessened by buying your used car through an auto wholesaler.

They will have specialist mechanics to check the condition fully, and they will be able to offer the government-mandated warranty.

This will allow you some peace of mind, and ensure that you are not buying a vehicle which will turn into a nightmare to maintain.

Tips for Minimising Risk and Getting a Good Price

In order to get the best price, whenever possible, you should try to make a cash purchase rather than trade-in your old motor.

Consider selling your old car privately, and if you require financing, talk to your bank about a loan.

You will have the flexibility to negotiate a good price when you walk in with cash.

The process can be very quick and significant savings can be made.

The condition of the car you are contemplating buying will reveal a lot.

Lower kilometres on the clock is usually a good thing but is not everything with older cars.

Check that the kilometres displayed are legit by looking at the service record.

If the car has been kept garaged, has a full-service history, has obviously been cared for, and drives well it will likely give you years of trouble-free motoring.

Ask to take a proper test drive, and don’t just do a quick drive around town.

Take the car out onto a highway and see how it feels driven at 90km/h.

Listen for any weird noises and see how well it handles.

A quick tip:

Choose an auto warehouse that offers a warranty, provide an easy transaction process and has flexible repayment options.

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