Tips on How to Sell Used Cars in Perth

Are you looking to upgrade your motor and sell your current vehicle? Are you wondering where or who will buy used cars in Perth?


If you have looked at all of the used car websites, and considered the wholesale used car places, another alternative is to make a private sale.

General Tips to Make Selling Your Car Easier

  • Get the pricing right.

You should always be realistic about how you price your car, The objective is to get it sold so that you can get into your new wheels as soon as possible.

You can research similar models on used car websites to get a feel for a realistic market price. If you overprice your car, you will struggle to attract likely buyers unless there is some special feature that you need to stress in your advertising.

You should list any extras that your car has to emphasise the value for money it offers.

  • Make your car look great!

You should give it a thorough clean inside and out, and keep it that way until it is sold.

It is worth considering using a professional car detailer to get your car looking its best. It is similar to selling a house, appearance is important and may lead to you getting a higher price.

  • Advertising is the key to attracting a buyer, so make it effective.

You should be straightforward about the state of your car, while accentuating the positive side. There are various used car websites to consider, and some simple research will give you an idea of the costs involved.

A little warning is that wherever you advertise, you should be wary of giving your home or mobile phone number as it can lead to prank calls, and you should never give out your home address on advertising, as it will leave you vulnerable to break-ins.

List all of the plus points to your car and I like to add a personal touch in the advert, perhaps mentioning that it is very reliable and has never let you down, or similar.

  • Make sure all of your cars documents are ready and in proper order.

Have the service records ready for a potential buyer to read through and have the logbook and owner’s manual to hand also.

If you have made any major purchases, such as accessories (a luxury music player for example) keep the receipts to hand, as they stress the overall value of your vehicle.

  • Arrange to meet the client at a neutral venue.

I am not a fan of allowing strangers to know, and come to where I live, so I recommend meeting at an easy to find location ( a car park, for example) to discuss the sale.

You should be prepared to haggle, and how the lowest acceptable price fixed in your mind. Stick to this base price and frankly tell the potential buyer that it is the last price and it is take it or leave it. You need to be prepared to walk away if necessary.

  • You need to allow a test drive, so you need to check with your insurance company whether the potential buyer will be covered in case of an accident.

Always accompany the potential buyer and you should allow a reasonable time period to test drive, including going onto a highly and driving at speed.

  • Once a sale is agreed, you should issue a receipt, stating that the car is sold as seen.

Only hand over possession of your vehicle when the sales price is paid in full.

Final Thoughts

Making a private sale can be a challenging and slow process. If you prefer to make the process easy and quick, selling to a wholesale used car showroom is a viable alternative.

Westside Auto Wholesale have been serving the Perth and Western Australia region for many years and are always ready to make an offer for your used car.

Reach out for more details!

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