Tips for Negotiating Prices for the Best Used Cars in Australia

Are you about to upgrade to a nicer motor and are looking at used cars for sale in Australia? There are some fantastic options out there and getting a great deal is dependent on negotiating and being prepared.


The best used cars in Australia are available and waiting to be bought. Follow me, while I show you some excellent tips for negotiating prices…

How do I go about Negotiating a Great Deal for Perth Used Cars?

Whether you decide to buy from a car dealership, online auction, or from a private seller, the key is to negotiate a good price, good extras, and in some cases a good finance deal. Let’s look at some tips for doing this:

  • Consider who to believe when you do your research. You will need to know what you are talking about when you come to negotiate, so get informed opinions before you start.

You should be sceptical of manufacturers claims. They have a vested interest in pushing the positive aspects of their brand or hiding things through omission. You should read plenty of independent reviews.

It will be useful later to remember as many of the negatives and available extras as you can for the car models that you are interested in buying.

  •  Taking a friend with you when you buy your car can be a powerful negotiating tactic. We all have a friend who is a “natural sceptic” and finds fault with everything. They can be a major asset if you are the type of person who is easily persuaded by a “nice: salesman.

Your friend can help remind you exactly what you came for and turn down offers of extended warranties, add-ons, or expensive financing options.

If you think you have found a final agreement, take a moment to step outside and talk it through with your friend again. Buying a car is a big and long-term financial commitment, so you need to get a deal that you are happy with.

  • Flexibility is your friend. If you can be flexible, you will have greater options and it opens more avenues of negotiations. For example, if you have told the car dealer that you must have a red coloured car, he might be more willing to make you an offer if he only has green in stock.

The more flexible you can be, the better deal that you can negotiate. If your partner is an important part of the decision making process make sure that they are on board with what is acceptable.

  • Remember that most sales professionals have monthly sales targets. Often a big portion of their income is dependent on hitting sales goals. It could be that they need one more sale to make a big bonus.

Bonus payments are often calculated using overall sales and not on profits, so if you find the right sales professional at the right time, he might do anything to get you driving away in your dream car. His objective will be to make the sale, even at a reduced, or even zero, profit.

It is worth sniffing for a sense of desperation in the person you deal with. It could make a big difference in the final price you end up paying.

Final Thoughts

There are an awesome selection of Perth used cars, and the methods you use to negotiate, and the research you do, will decide how good of a deal you will get.

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