Tips for Getting Great Deals from Perth Used Car Dealers

Are you looking into getting an upgrade on your car and seeing many used cars on sale? This is a competitive market in today’s climate.

Follow me while I recommend some tips to get great deals from Perth used car dealers.


Your perfect used car is out there somewhere and the trick is to locate it and negotiate a great deal with payments that you feel comfortable with. For the best selection of used cars in Perth, Australia you can visit one of the better Perth used car dealers and get a quote.

How to Make a Deal at a Perth Used Car Dealers Showroom

Car dealers are experts at sizing you up and talking you into signing for the deal that is advantageous to them, so a little awareness and knowledge will help you get a better deal. Here are some tips:

  • If you have loose lips, you will lose money. Car dealers are experienced in asking you questions and learning information which will help them to get you to say yes. No matter how nice or friendly the dealer is, you need to save money – not make a new friend!

Don’t feel pressured into answering every question they ask. In fact, you should take the lead and have control over the conversation by asking lots of questions yourself.

  • Play it cool in the dealership. Even if they have the perfect car for you, don’t display too much emotion.

You can use tactics such as, asking about packages and options which you know are not available, and say you can wait until they have the exact package that you want.

They will be desperate to offer you that they already have. You will then have the power in the negotiation as they are offering you something other than your perfect choice.

This opens the opportunity for you to negotiate a lower price, additional add-ons, or some freebies.

  • Use the test drive as a negotiating tactic. A red flag is if the dealer will not let you take a test drive due to “liability problems” and you should walk away. Use the test drive to express doubts, mention anything that might be an issue, and take your time thoroughly checking the vehicle.

Then express interest and walk away to do more “research”. The dealer will be keen to make extra offers to get you to agree to the sale.

  • You should ignore the sticker price and treat it as the maximum the dealer is hoping to get. Their negotiating zone is somewhere between what they paid and the sticker price. You can start negotiating by offering what you think they paid for the vehicle.
  • Don’t be shy to negotiate! The people you are dealing with are expert negotiators and will have heard every tactic before. They will be prepared to make a deal with someone who negotiates well and has done the relevant research.
  • If you are not satisfied with the dealer’s final offer, turn it down and be prepared to walk away. Leave your number and say call me if you can make a better offer! It works!

Final Thoughts

Perth used car dealers have a fantastic range of used cars on sale and the way to get a great price is through preparation and negotiation. Read up on what type of vehicle you want, know your budget, and arm yourself with plenty of questions. You will get the deal that you want!

Westside Auto Wholesalers are one of the best suppliers used cars in Perth and can help you drive away in your dream car!

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