Tips for Finding the Best Small Used Cars

Are you interested to look at a selection of the best small used cars? The selection of Perth used cars is vast and you have various options about how to find them.


You can look on used car websites, contact directly with private sellers, go to a car wholesaler… there are many options. Follow me while I look at some of the best ways to find the best used small cars

How to go about finding the best small used cars in my price range?

Small cars are an increasingly popular segment right now. People are concerned with their carbon footprint, and economising on fuel consumption and purchase price.

Whether you are looking at something vintage or a popular Toyota Corolla Ascent, Mazda 3, or a Kia Cerato there will be options available to you.

I like the idea of starting on used car websites. There are certain inherent advantages to using this method. Both car dealers and private sellers use them, so you get the widest choice possible.

You can easily narrow down your choices before you decide to actively start looking at vehicles in person. You can compared specifications, and look up the options available. You can get a good indication of pricing. In short it simplifies everything.

Our webpage for Westside Auto Wholesalers is one of the most popular in Perth and the surrounding areas and usually has in the region of 800 available motors, of which many will be some of the best used small cars available in the area.

There are also national sites such as Drive, Trading Post, Carsguide, Autoline, etc. They all feature a wide selection of good quality vehicles.

There other options such as Gumtree, which has a nice selection of small cars available for under $5,000, so may be a good starting point for those who are on a budget.

eBay, also has various small cars, and if you are happy to undergo a bidding process, you may be fortunate and pick-up a real bargain small motor.

Another option is that you can also go straight to a car wholesalers who can speed up the process of buying a small car as they have finance experts and mechanics on site and can have you driving away in your dream car in a matter of hours.

What Should You Look for in a Small Car?

  • Price is often the deciding factor in this market segment. Overall small cars are mostly cost-effective, and there is such a wide range available that there is likely to be a Perth used cars dealer who will be happy to cut you a great deal.
  • Running costs and the amount of fuel consumed are a major advantage to small cars. They are often light and have smaller engines which offer great fuel economy.

Generally, the lower spec the model you choose is, the lighter it will be and be more competitive fuel wise. There is a lot to be said for the more basic models.

  • Many modern small cars are extremely practical. There are many varieties of body styles, so whatever you are looking for in a small motor will be available as an option somewhere.

Used car websites will allow you to look at a wide selection of Perth used cars and allow you to make comparisons, read reviews and make an informed choice.

Westside Auto Wholesalers offer a detailed website or you have the option of coming straight into our warehouse.

Let’s take the next step towards putting you into one of the best small used cars available today!

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