How to Find the Best Used Cars for Sale Online

Are you in the market for a quality used car? There is plenty of choice of used cars 4 sale and one of the best places to look is online.

Of all of the used cars in Aus, most will be advertised online at some point. Looking for used cars for sale online is now a popular way to find your dream car.


There are several points for you to take note of in order to get a good deal and the best vehicle possible within your budget. Follow me while I look at finding the best used cars for sale online

The Best Buying Tips for Used Cars 4 Sale Online

There are many options for finding good websites which feature second hand cars. Some of the most popular used cars for sale online sites nationally include: Carsguide, Autoline, Trading post, Drive, and Car City.

Some less obvious places to look for quality motors are Gumtree which is often associated with renting a house or finding a job and has a great selection of cheaper cars under $5,000.

Ebay might seem to be a strange place to buy a car, but there are bargains to be had if you are prepared to go through the bidding process. There are 1,000’s of used vehicles, and if you don’t mind some extra effort it is worth looking at.

Redbook is also a useful resource for researching the model of car you are interested to buy. There is background information, reviews, typical pricing, etc.

In Perth and Western Australia, Westside Auto Wholesalers have one of the most popular websites, and usually have over 800 models to choose from in their showroom.

The advantage of using a website of a car wholesaler is that you can narrow down your choice of vehicle, so that you will immediately know what you wish to see when you visit the showroom in person.

This makes the process straightforward and quick. There is the added advantage that there is a finance team available on-site, so the whole process of looking at used cars 4 sale to driving away in your new motor can be achieved in a matter of hours.

Once you have made a choice of which car you wish to buy you should remember some important steps.

  • Follow your budget. Have a fixed idea of what you can afford and stick to it. If you are buying from a private seller, you may need to use your negotiating skills.

If you are dealing with a car wholesaler, you can ask them to improve the payment terms or give free extras in order to reach your budget.

  • You should check over the cars history to ensure it does not have an outstanding loan or is otherwise encumbered. You can do an internet search to see how to do a REVs check in your area for a small fee.
  • You should give the car a thorough inspection. If you are not knowledgeable about cars try to bring a friend or relative who is and give the car a proper look-over.

If it passes your sight test, a professional inspection is always a good idea.

The internet is an awesome way to find used cars for sale online. It can simplify your search and help you find something great which is within your budget.

In Perth and surrounding areas, Westside Auto Wholesale are a solid choice, and they can help put you into your dream car in just a few hours.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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