Tips for Negotiating Prices for the Best Used Cars in Australia

Are you about to upgrade to a nicer motor and are looking at used cars for sale in Australia? There are some fantastic options out there and getting a great deal is dependent on negotiating and being prepared.


The best used cars in Australia are available and waiting to be bought. Follow me, while I show you some excellent tips for negotiating prices…

How do I go about Negotiating a Great Deal for Perth Used Cars?

Whether you decide to buy from a car dealership, online auction, or from a private seller, the key is to negotiate a good price, good extras, and in some cases a good finance deal. Let’s look at some tips for doing this:

  • Consider who to believe when you do your research. You will need to know what you are talking about when you come to negotiate, so get informed opinions before you start.

You should be sceptical of manufacturers claims. They have a vested interest in pushing the positive aspects of their brand or hiding things through omission. You should read plenty of independent reviews.

It will be useful later to remember as many of the negatives and available extras as you can for the car models that you are interested in buying.

  •  Taking a friend with you when you buy your car can be a powerful negotiating tactic. We all have a friend who is a “natural sceptic” and finds fault with everything. They can be a major asset if you are the type of person who is easily persuaded by a “nice: salesman.

Your friend can help remind you exactly what you came for and turn down offers of extended warranties, add-ons, or expensive financing options.

If you think you have found a final agreement, take a moment to step outside and talk it through with your friend again. Buying a car is a big and long-term financial commitment, so you need to get a deal that you are happy with.

  • Flexibility is your friend. If you can be flexible, you will have greater options and it opens more avenues of negotiations. For example, if you have told the car dealer that you must have a red coloured car, he might be more willing to make you an offer if he only has green in stock.

The more flexible you can be, the better deal that you can negotiate. If your partner is an important part of the decision making process make sure that they are on board with what is acceptable.

  • Remember that most sales professionals have monthly sales targets. Often a big portion of their income is dependent on hitting sales goals. It could be that they need one more sale to make a big bonus.

Bonus payments are often calculated using overall sales and not on profits, so if you find the right sales professional at the right time, he might do anything to get you driving away in your dream car. His objective will be to make the sale, even at a reduced, or even zero, profit.

It is worth sniffing for a sense of desperation in the person you deal with. It could make a big difference in the final price you end up paying.

Final Thoughts

There are an awesome selection of Perth used cars, and the methods you use to negotiate, and the research you do, will decide how good of a deal you will get.

Westside Auto Wholesalers are one of the best established dealers in Perth and are ready to cut a deal now!…

Tips for Getting Great Deals from Perth Used Car Dealers

Are you looking into getting an upgrade on your car and seeing many used cars on sale? This is a competitive market in today’s climate.

Follow me while I recommend some tips to get great deals from Perth used car dealers.


Your perfect used car is out there somewhere and the trick is to locate it and negotiate a great deal with payments that you feel comfortable with. For the best selection of used cars in Perth, Australia you can visit one of the better Perth used car dealers and get a quote.

How to Make a Deal at a Perth Used Car Dealers Showroom

Car dealers are experts at sizing you up and talking you into signing for the deal that is advantageous to them, so a little awareness and knowledge will help you get a better deal. Here are some tips:

  • If you have loose lips, you will lose money. Car dealers are experienced in asking you questions and learning information which will help them to get you to say yes. No matter how nice or friendly the dealer is, you need to save money – not make a new friend!

Don’t feel pressured into answering every question they ask. In fact, you should take the lead and have control over the conversation by asking lots of questions yourself.

  • Play it cool in the dealership. Even if they have the perfect car for you, don’t display too much emotion.

You can use tactics such as, asking about packages and options which you know are not available, and say you can wait until they have the exact package that you want.

They will be desperate to offer you that they already have. You will then have the power in the negotiation as they are offering you something other than your perfect choice.

This opens the opportunity for you to negotiate a lower price, additional add-ons, or some freebies.

  • Use the test drive as a negotiating tactic. A red flag is if the dealer will not let you take a test drive due to “liability problems” and you should walk away. Use the test drive to express doubts, mention anything that might be an issue, and take your time thoroughly checking the vehicle.

Then express interest and walk away to do more “research”. The dealer will be keen to make extra offers to get you to agree to the sale.

  • You should ignore the sticker price and treat it as the maximum the dealer is hoping to get. Their negotiating zone is somewhere between what they paid and the sticker price. You can start negotiating by offering what you think they paid for the vehicle.
  • Don’t be shy to negotiate! The people you are dealing with are expert negotiators and will have heard every tactic before. They will be prepared to make a deal with someone who negotiates well and has done the relevant research.
  • If you are not satisfied with the dealer’s final offer, turn it down and be prepared to walk away. Leave your number and say call me if you can make a better offer! It works!

Final Thoughts

Perth used car dealers have a fantastic range of used cars on sale and the way to get a great price is through preparation and negotiation. Read up on what type of vehicle you want, know your budget, and arm yourself with plenty of questions. You will get the deal that you want!

Westside Auto Wholesalers are one of the best suppliers used cars in Perth and can help you drive away in your dream car!…

Tips on How to Sell Used Cars in Perth

Are you looking to upgrade your motor and sell your current vehicle? Are you wondering where or who will buy used cars in Perth?


If you have looked at all of the used car websites, and considered the wholesale used car places, another alternative is to make a private sale.

General Tips to Make Selling Your Car Easier

  • Get the pricing right.

You should always be realistic about how you price your car, The objective is to get it sold so that you can get into your new wheels as soon as possible.

You can research similar models on used car websites to get a feel for a realistic market price. If you overprice your car, you will struggle to attract likely buyers unless there is some special feature that you need to stress in your advertising.

You should list any extras that your car has to emphasise the value for money it offers.

  • Make your car look great!

You should give it a thorough clean inside and out, and keep it that way until it is sold.

It is worth considering using a professional car detailer to get your car looking its best. It is similar to selling a house, appearance is important and may lead to you getting a higher price.

  • Advertising is the key to attracting a buyer, so make it effective.

You should be straightforward about the state of your car, while accentuating the positive side. There are various used car websites to consider, and some simple research will give you an idea of the costs involved.

A little warning is that wherever you advertise, you should be wary of giving your home or mobile phone number as it can lead to prank calls, and you should never give out your home address on advertising, as it will leave you vulnerable to break-ins.

List all of the plus points to your car and I like to add a personal touch in the advert, perhaps mentioning that it is very reliable and has never let you down, or similar.

  • Make sure all of your cars documents are ready and in proper order.

Have the service records ready for a potential buyer to read through and have the logbook and owner’s manual to hand also.

If you have made any major purchases, such as accessories (a luxury music player for example) keep the receipts to hand, as they stress the overall value of your vehicle.

  • Arrange to meet the client at a neutral venue.

I am not a fan of allowing strangers to know, and come to where I live, so I recommend meeting at an easy to find location ( a car park, for example) to discuss the sale.

You should be prepared to haggle, and how the lowest acceptable price fixed in your mind. Stick to this base price and frankly tell the potential buyer that it is the last price and it is take it or leave it. You need to be prepared to walk away if necessary.

  • You need to allow a test drive, so you need to check with your insurance company whether the potential buyer will be covered in case of an accident.

Always accompany the potential buyer and you should allow a reasonable time period to test drive, including going onto a highly and driving at speed.

  • Once a sale is agreed, you should issue a receipt, stating that the car is sold as seen.

Only hand over possession of your vehicle when the sales price is paid in full.

Final Thoughts

Making a private sale can be a challenging and slow process. If you prefer to make the process easy and quick, selling to a wholesale used car showroom is a viable alternative.

Westside Auto Wholesale have been serving the Perth and Western Australia region for many years and are always ready to make an offer for your used car.

Reach out for more details!…

Tips for Finding the Best Small Used Cars

Are you interested to look at a selection of the best small used cars? The selection of Perth used cars is vast and you have various options about how to find them.


You can look on used car websites, contact directly with private sellers, go to a car wholesaler… there are many options. Follow me while I look at some of the best ways to find the best used small cars

How to go about finding the best small used cars in my price range?

Small cars are an increasingly popular segment right now. People are concerned with their carbon footprint, and economising on fuel consumption and purchase price.

Whether you are looking at something vintage or a popular Toyota Corolla Ascent, Mazda 3, or a Kia Cerato there will be options available to you.

I like the idea of starting on used car websites. There are certain inherent advantages to using this method. Both car dealers and private sellers use them, so you get the widest choice possible.

You can easily narrow down your choices before you decide to actively start looking at vehicles in person. You can compared specifications, and look up the options available. You can get a good indication of pricing. In short it simplifies everything.

Our webpage for Westside Auto Wholesalers is one of the most popular in Perth and the surrounding areas and usually has in the region of 800 available motors, of which many will be some of the best used small cars available in the area.

There are also national sites such as Drive, Trading Post, Carsguide, Autoline, etc. They all feature a wide selection of good quality vehicles.

There other options such as Gumtree, which has a nice selection of small cars available for under $5,000, so may be a good starting point for those who are on a budget.

eBay, also has various small cars, and if you are happy to undergo a bidding process, you may be fortunate and pick-up a real bargain small motor.

Another option is that you can also go straight to a car wholesalers who can speed up the process of buying a small car as they have finance experts and mechanics on site and can have you driving away in your dream car in a matter of hours.

What Should You Look for in a Small Car?

  • Price is often the deciding factor in this market segment. Overall small cars are mostly cost-effective, and there is such a wide range available that there is likely to be a Perth used cars dealer who will be happy to cut you a great deal.
  • Running costs and the amount of fuel consumed are a major advantage to small cars. They are often light and have smaller engines which offer great fuel economy.

Generally, the lower spec the model you choose is, the lighter it will be and be more competitive fuel wise. There is a lot to be said for the more basic models.

  • Many modern small cars are extremely practical. There are many varieties of body styles, so whatever you are looking for in a small motor will be available as an option somewhere.

Used car websites will allow you to look at a wide selection of Perth used cars and allow you to make comparisons, read reviews and make an informed choice.

Westside Auto Wholesalers offer a detailed website or you have the option of coming straight into our warehouse.

Let’s take the next step towards putting you into one of the best small used cars available today!…

How to Find the Best Used Cars for Sale Online

Are you in the market for a quality used car? There is plenty of choice of used cars 4 sale and one of the best places to look is online.

Of all of the used cars in Aus, most will be advertised online at some point. Looking for used cars for sale online is now a popular way to find your dream car.


There are several points for you to take note of in order to get a good deal and the best vehicle possible within your budget. Follow me while I look at finding the best used cars for sale online

The Best Buying Tips for Used Cars 4 Sale Online

There are many options for finding good websites which feature second hand cars. Some of the most popular used cars for sale online sites nationally include: Carsguide, Autoline, Trading post, Drive, and Car City.

Some less obvious places to look for quality motors are Gumtree which is often associated with renting a house or finding a job and has a great selection of cheaper cars under $5,000.

Ebay might seem to be a strange place to buy a car, but there are bargains to be had if you are prepared to go through the bidding process. There are 1,000’s of used vehicles, and if you don’t mind some extra effort it is worth looking at.

Redbook is also a useful resource for researching the model of car you are interested to buy. There is background information, reviews, typical pricing, etc.

In Perth and Western Australia, Westside Auto Wholesalers have one of the most popular websites, and usually have over 800 models to choose from in their showroom.

The advantage of using a website of a car wholesaler is that you can narrow down your choice of vehicle, so that you will immediately know what you wish to see when you visit the showroom in person.

This makes the process straightforward and quick. There is the added advantage that there is a finance team available on-site, so the whole process of looking at used cars 4 sale to driving away in your new motor can be achieved in a matter of hours.

Once you have made a choice of which car you wish to buy you should remember some important steps.

  • Follow your budget. Have a fixed idea of what you can afford and stick to it. If you are buying from a private seller, you may need to use your negotiating skills.

If you are dealing with a car wholesaler, you can ask them to improve the payment terms or give free extras in order to reach your budget.

  • You should check over the cars history to ensure it does not have an outstanding loan or is otherwise encumbered. You can do an internet search to see how to do a REVs check in your area for a small fee.
  • You should give the car a thorough inspection. If you are not knowledgeable about cars try to bring a friend or relative who is and give the car a proper look-over.

If it passes your sight test, a professional inspection is always a good idea.

The internet is an awesome way to find used cars for sale online. It can simplify your search and help you find something great which is within your budget.

In Perth and surrounding areas, Westside Auto Wholesale are a solid choice, and they can help put you into your dream car in just a few hours.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!…

What are the best ways to buy used cars in Perth?

Are you looking at Perth used cars with the intention of getting a good deal to upgrade your current vehicle?

You might be thinking, how can I find the best choice in used cars for sale near me.


There are various ways that you can find your dream car within your budget. These include car wholesalers, online car sites, auctions or buying direct to a private owner.

There are many potential risks to buying a second-hand car, but these can be minimised by taking a few careful steps.

Depreciation is your Friend

The quality second-hand car hunter should always be grateful to the people who insist on buying a new car.

They will usually upgrade to a new vehicle every three years or so and during that period their car will have depreciated significantly in value.

They pay dearly for the privilege of driving a new car and making regular upgrades.

Although the condition of a few years old car will likely still be perfectly fine, they will usually be selling it off at a bargain price.

If driving a new model car is not that important to you, and you would prefer to make some deep savings, good quality used car is a tempting option due to the depreciation factor.

If you are looking to buy used cars in Perth, you should consider that depreciation is at its highest level during the first few years after a new car is purchased.

You can often get great savings of up to 40% on a three-year-old motor with standard mileage on the clock, compared to buying a new model.

For something a couple of years older, you could expect to pay around 40% of the new price.

The obvious issue with buying a used vehicle is that you are taking a risk.

A brand new car will have a manufacturer’s warranty, whereas a second-hand car bought from an auction or private sale involves taking a chance that you are not buying a piece of junk.

This risk can be lessened by buying your used car through an auto wholesaler.

They will have specialist mechanics to check the condition fully, and they will be able to offer the government-mandated warranty.

This will allow you some peace of mind, and ensure that you are not buying a vehicle which will turn into a nightmare to maintain.

Tips for Minimising Risk and Getting a Good Price

In order to get the best price, whenever possible, you should try to make a cash purchase rather than trade-in your old motor.

Consider selling your old car privately, and if you require financing, talk to your bank about a loan.

You will have the flexibility to negotiate a good price when you walk in with cash.

The process can be very quick and significant savings can be made.

The condition of the car you are contemplating buying will reveal a lot.

Lower kilometres on the clock is usually a good thing but is not everything with older cars.

Check that the kilometres displayed are legit by looking at the service record.

If the car has been kept garaged, has a full-service history, has obviously been cared for, and drives well it will likely give you years of trouble-free motoring.

Ask to take a proper test drive, and don’t just do a quick drive around town.

Take the car out onto a highway and see how it feels driven at 90km/h.

Listen for any weird noises and see how well it handles.

A quick tip:

Choose an auto warehouse that offers a warranty, provide an easy transaction process and has flexible repayment options.

Check out Westside Auto Wholesale in Perth!…

4 Smart Ways to Find Used Cars in WA

Are you wondering what is the best way to find used cars in WA? How can you narrow down your search for quality used cars?

There are many ways to find used cars for sale in WA. As an intelligent car buyer, you need to be resourceful and patient in finding a used car at a reasonable price.

Here are 4 ways to find cheap used cars in WA:

1. Go online.

In today’s world where digital marketing is a trend, finding quality used cars online is possible.

There are platforms and websites that market used cars.

Carmax, CarGurus and Carvana are a few of the most reputable websites that can help you find the perfect used vehicle for your needs and budget.

However, you should be cautious when transacting online.

Check for the company’s background and customer reviews before the transaction.

You should also consider other used car companies, in case your deal did not work out the first time. 

2. Consider a local dealership.

One of the best ways to narrow down your search for used cars in WA is through a local dealership.

It is a safer choice as you can easily check the company’s background by asking the locals.

You can easily organise a trip to view their used cars for sale choices.

With this setup, you can easily confirm the reliability of the used cars and the dealership.

It is recommended to get all the necessary information that you need before walking to the local dealership.

What type of pre-owned vehicle do you want? What is the budget? 

3. Visit a car warehouse.

Visiting a car warehouse to find used cars is another option that you should consider.

Find out what type of used car will you be getting for your budget.

A car warehouse specialist can walk you through the car-buying process.

They can also organise easy car finance which enables you to drive away the used car in a matter of minutes.

A car warehouse has a wide selection of used vehicles.

In here, you will definitely find the right vehicle for your lifestyle and budget.

4. Get recommendations.

If you want to save time on visiting used car companies, getting recommendations from friends, family and acquaintances is a good practice.

Ask about reliable used car companies in your area.

Pick the first three recommendations and focus on researching their background, used car selection, after service and customer reviews.

This is the most important information that you need to get before deciding.

Additionally, if you need help in deciding for the right used car, consider visiting car review sites.

The car review websites will help you pick the  used car most suited for your needs.


Finding cheap used cars in WA is easy as long as you are informed. We have mentioned 4 smart ways to find cheap used cars.

You can either pick one or combine all of the smart ways to find quality used cars for sale in WA. Remember to always be cautious with your car dealings.

Lastly, always consider quality over quantity.

You do not need a used car that will make you spend on maintenance.

If you’re ready to start your search for cheap used cars in Perth, start at Westside Auto Wholesale!


The Importance of REV Checks for Australian Used Cars

Are you looking for used cars for sale in Australia? There are some excellent choices available and I will run through a few tips to point you in the right direction.


If you are interested in viewing a wide selection of Australian used cars under one roof, there is always the option of using a car wholesaler to simplify the process.

You can immediately inspect the cars of your choice and make a decision quickly. This type of supplier will also have mechanics on hand and will be able to offer an extended warranty.

There are also various car websites to help you narrow down your options and easily look-up car specifications and make comparisons with other makes and models.

Another option is to buy from a private seller, which might take extra effort on your part to view your options and organise mechanical checks and financing.

If you are contemplating buying a used car from a private seller, it is essential that you do a background check to avoid any nasty surprises in the future.

One such method is to do a REVS check (aka PPSR).

What will a REVS check include?

Most importantly a REVS check will inform you if the car you are interested in unencumbered and is free from any debt from previous owners.

It is essential that you don’t risk having your used car repossessed due to someone else’s debt.

We all work hard to afford an updated car and you could not stand to lose a significant amount of money.

Performing a REVS check is the surest way to stop repossession of your vehicle if someone else still owes money on it.

In the case that you discover the motor is encumbered you should not buy it unless you have proof that any outstanding payments will be made.

I also recommend that you purchase a history report which will feature information if the vehicle has ever been flood-damaged, stolen, had the odometer rolled back or written-off.

You will need to double-check to be certain that the engine, registration, and Vehicle Identification numbers are the same on the vehicle and on the registration papers.

A simple Google search will show you where to perform a REVS check and order a history report. 

Other Tips When Buying a used Vehicle

You should inform the seller before you go to the location that you intend to perform an encumbrance, mechanical and other necessary checks.

If this is an issue, you should pass on that opportunity and look at the next used car option.

You should request for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

It can be found on the vehicle registration papers, the engine, and often on the inside of the car doors.

With this, you can locate the cars complete history.

An independent mechanical inspection is vital unless you have specific training yourself.

Don’t take the word of the seller that it is in good condition! Once you have paid, it will be too late to get your money back!

Lastly, you can purchase a REVS certificate on the day that you take ownership of your new used vehicle. This offers another level against repossession.

Final Thoughts

If all of this sounds like a long and complicated process, you can always consider using an auto wholesaler to assist you. They will guarantee that there are no outstanding loans and will perform all of the other necessary checks on your behalf.

It simplifies the process and means you can be leaving the showroom in your new used car in a matter of hours.

For the best used cars in Perth WA, an excellent option is Westside Auto Wholesalers. …

How to Find Cheap Used Cars for Sale in Perth

We all want to find the best deals in used cars. The truth is… it is easy to find cheap used cars for sale if you know where and how to look for it. However, you should always consider quality before anything else!

There are many ways to find used cars. What are those? Continue reading as I explain.

First thing first, if you are looking for used cars in Perth, make a start through Westside Auto Wholesale.

Here are ways to find cheap used cars:

Buy it in the car junkyard or warehouse.

The junkyard is one of the most famous stops for cheap used cars. There are various junkyards and car warehouses that present several options and the flexible deals in cheap used cars for sale in Perth.

Consider a trip to the nearest junkyard or warehouse in your area to see what’s available. Bear in mind that you do not want to overspend.

The car junkyard or warehouse specialist can offer you the best deals in used cars. You should consider your choice carefully before deciding to buy the car.   

Buy online.

You are very much likely to find the cheapest used car online because of different platforms sellers used to market pre-owned cars. It is also more convenient to search for used cars online as you do not need to visit the warehouse or get in a queue for queries.

There are various online platforms that can help you find cheap used cars in Perth. Check out used car directories to gain access to cheap used cars for sale.

Moreover, you should be cautious when you buy used cars online. Do not be prey to scammers.

Use a dealership.

One of the best things about transacting with your local dealership is that they will walk you through the process of buying the used car. Your local dealer will patiently answer all your concern and queries regarding the used car.

Also, you can negotiate with them to get the best deals. Be fully informed about the type of car that you want before walking into the dealership.

In that way, you can quickly negotiate and get freebies. Perhaps?

In conclusion:


It is easy to find used cars for sale in Perth if you know where to look, how to look and what type of car you are after.

The answer to all of these three will point you in the best direction in finding the best cheap used car for you.

If you are in Perth, there are three ways to find cheap used cars.

These include: buying it through a car junkyard or warehouse, buying online and using a dealership.

Are you ready?

Come to Westside Auto Wholesale now!…

Common Mistakes you should Avoid When Buying Used Cars in Australia

Buying a used car is a smart decision. As an intelligent car buyer, you should be aware of the common mistakes that you should avoid when buying used cars for sale in Australia

The aim is to avoid feeling dissatisfied when you drive away the newly purchased used vehicle. We have come up with a few of the common mistakes that you should avoid when buying used cars for sale in Australia. 

These include:

  • Forgetting the test drive.

The test drive should be one of the things that you should never forget when you buy used cars in Australia.

It is your opportunity to “make a feel” of the vehicle.

You should also be aware of the car seat law in Australia, especially if the vehicle is for family use. 

It is worth checking your local council regarding car sitting rules and regulations before deciding on the used car.

Find out the running condition of the used car, check its controls and find useful information that can help you in the negotiation process.

So, never forget to ask for a test drive!

  • Agreeing to a low down payment.

It is a normal instinct to be attracted to a low car down payment.

However, you should know that it is a threat to your monthly payments.

Your monthly dues will go up, along with interest rates.

Pay higher down payment as much as you can.

Remember that low down payment is associated with higher monthly dues and repayment interest, which we all want to avoid.

So, think wisely!

  • Spending on unnecessary features.

When you visit any car dealership in Australia to purchase a used car, expect add-on offers.

It is quite reasonable for a used car dealership company to offer add-ons.

In most cases, it is cheaper to get it outside your car dealership.

The add-on feature expenses will add up to the amount that you are paying monthly.

Moreover, there are also car dealership companies that offer freebies, such as maintenance and servicing for a specific period.

So, consider getting your add-ons elsewhere and ask for free servicing.

  • Giving up on negotiating.

Let’s face it.

Car dealers are the best negotiators.

Do not give up negotiating until you get your deal.

Make the car dealer think that you are prepared to walk away if the deal is not on your favour.

It is worth researching some self-help tips for car buying negotiation.

Nevertheless, walk away if the deal isn’t for you.

  • Forgetting to do your homework.

The best information can lead you to the best deals, especially if you’re negotiating for wholesale used cars in Australia.

However, people tend to forget some of the necessary car information due to excitement.

Forgetting to find information can lead to lousy car dealings and waste of resources.

It is highly recommended to find all the necessary details before walking into the dealership.

With all of that information, you can quickly negotiate.

 So, research!

Avoid all of these and you will drive away the best used cars for sale in the market.

Lastly, if you’re interested in top quality used cars for sale in Australia, check out Westside Auto Wholesale! …