What is Skeleton Racing?

In the Olympic sport of skeleton racing the athlete descends the bobsleigh track head first, their chin and toes only millimetres from the ice. While balancing on an aerodynamic, rectangular steel and fibreglass sled athletes gain top speeds of up to 130kmph. Skeleton has been an international sport for over 100 years, and was re-introduced into the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City as a full medal sport after a 52 year absence, and the good news is that skeleton is back to stay!

With skeletons inclusion in the 2002 Winter Olympics, it has had a huge in flux of new athletes and media interest.

Skeleton is one of the world’s fastest moving and rapidly expanding high performance sports. Skeleton racing continues to fascinate those who have seen and heard about the sport, it is exciting and extreme. The speed is immense and G forces endured are comparable to those experienced by jet pilots. With Olympic quality competition, sportsmanship, and stunning winter resort venues, there is huge public interest and international media exposure.