5 Important Things to Do to Prepare your Car for Sale

Make the effort to prepare your car for sale and you may just be surprised by the result. Whether you’re looking for a trade in or just want to get rid of your car for cash, it’s important that you make sure your vehicle stands out and all the paperwork is in order. Understand that you only have a few moments to convince potential buyers to take a closer look. In fact, they will probably make up their minds about whether or not to buy your vehicle the moment they look at it. It’s, therefore, important that you prepare your car so it looks clean and appealing. 

Clean up Your Car

Be sure to give the exterior of your car a deep clean. Don’t just spray the car with water. Use leather cleaner to wipe down the car seats. Grab a vacuum and clean the inside of your car. Clean the dashboard and wipe around the gearshift, switches, and knobs. Wipe down the windows inside out. Scrub the wheel wells and hubcaps. If cleaning your car seems to be a tough job for you, why not let a professional detailer get the job done? 

Minor Car Repairs may be worth it

The purpose of preparing your car is to maximize the sell price. Minor repairs that are worth doing include fixing visible dents and scratches, repairing broken headlights, replacing headlight bulbs, replacing brakes, and tire changes. Note that visible scratches and dents aren’t appealing to the buyer, and can significantly lower the value of your vehicle. Be sure to fix them. 

Visit your Mechanic

Having your car inspected by a mechanic first and disclosing the findings to potential buyers shows that you’re honest and upfront. As a result, the buyer feels confident and reassured. Even if the buyer decides to pay for his/her own pre-purchase car inspection, you’ll have a picture or rather an idea of your car’s condition. If your mechanic identifies serious issues, you can weigh out the repair costs and see whether it’s worth it. Request the mechanic to give your vehicle a quick tune-up as well. 

Give your car a Fresh Scent

You only get one chance to impress a potential buyer, which is why you want to do everything possible to ensure the sale falls through. Even if you can’t notice any smell, it’s a good idea to give your car a pleasant new aroma using a light fresh scent. You can use an odor eliminator as well. Don’t let any lingering odor turn off a prospective buyer. 

Paperwork is Important

It’s important that you collect and put together all your maintenance records, title, service schedule, lien release papers, receipts, and other relevant documentation ready at the point of sale. Many people never realize how poor paperwork can affect their vehicle’s sale price. You can avoid losing out on a sale and save yourself the hassle of the transaction by having the paperwork ready. 

The value of a car depreciates significantly when it hits ten years of age or a hundred thousand miles. It’s best you sell your car sooner if you’re looking to have a more attractive offer.

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