4 Smart Ways to Find Used Cars in WA

Are you wondering what is the best way to find used cars in WA? How can you narrow down your search for quality used cars?

There are many ways to find used cars for sale in WA. As an intelligent car buyer, you need to be resourceful and patient in finding a used car at a reasonable price.

Here are 4 ways to find cheap used cars in WA:

1. Go online.

In today’s world where digital marketing is a trend, finding quality used cars online is possible.

There are platforms and websites that market used cars.

Carmax, CarGurus and Carvana are a few of the most reputable websites that can help you find the perfect used vehicle for your needs and budget.

However, you should be cautious when transacting online.

Check for the company’s background and customer reviews before the transaction.

You should also consider other used car companies, in case your deal did not work out the first time. 

2. Consider a local dealership.

One of the best ways to narrow down your search for used cars in WA is through a local dealership.

It is a safer choice as you can easily check the company’s background by asking the locals.

You can easily organise a trip to view their used cars for sale choices.

With this setup, you can easily confirm the reliability of the used cars and the dealership.

It is recommended to get all the necessary information that you need before walking to the local dealership.

What type of pre-owned vehicle do you want? What is the budget? 

3. Visit a car warehouse.

Visiting a car warehouse to find used cars is another option that you should consider.

Find out what type of used car will you be getting for your budget.

A car warehouse specialist can walk you through the car-buying process.

They can also organise easy car finance which enables you to drive away the used car in a matter of minutes.

A car warehouse has a wide selection of used vehicles.

In here, you will definitely find the right vehicle for your lifestyle and budget.

4. Get recommendations.

If you want to save time on visiting used car companies, getting recommendations from friends, family and acquaintances is a good practice.

Ask about reliable used car companies in your area.

Pick the first three recommendations and focus on researching their background, used car selection, after service and customer reviews.

This is the most important information that you need to get before deciding.

Additionally, if you need help in deciding for the right used car, consider visiting car review sites.

The car review websites will help you pick the  used car most suited for your needs.


Finding cheap used cars in WA is easy as long as you are informed. We have mentioned 4 smart ways to find cheap used cars.

You can either pick one or combine all of the smart ways to find quality used cars for sale in WA. Remember to always be cautious with your car dealings.

Lastly, always consider quality over quantity.

You do not need a used car that will make you spend on maintenance.

If you’re ready to start your search for cheap used cars in Perth, start at Westside Auto Wholesale!


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